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Although the legendary band Pink Floyd broke up long ago, its songs are immortal. Well-known rock stars will sound their tunes in the Brno Sono Center in May 2024.
The Machine performs Pink Floyd was founded in 1988 and is number one in the United States. This musical quartet from New York, which has been playing the world-famous songs of one of the best-selling bands in history for over thirty years, has an extensive repertoire, also plays at the request of fans, and in addition, their unique sound is the same as the original Pink Floyd. The band has experience playing throughout North America, Europe and Asia, performing at renowned music festivals such as Bonnaroo, Riverbend or Gathering of the Vibes.

The band features founding member Tahrah Cohen (drums), longtime bandmates Scott Chasolen (keyboards, vocals) and Ryan Ball (guitar, vocals), and newest member Chris DeAngelis (bass, vocals). The Machine continues to celebrate the music of Pink Floyd and honor the life of Joe Pascarello, who co-founded the band with Tahrah in 1988.

Rock and classical music
The combination of rough rock and soft classical music full of various musical instruments has become very popular in recent years. For example, the band Lucie, Mig 21 or even singer Michal David used the help of artists from symphony orchestras in their concerts, and each time with great success among Czech listeners.

It's not Pink Floyd like Pink Floyd
Many enthusiasts around the world have been trying to imitate the original London band founded in 1965 for years. We also have similar groups. But The Machine are unique even in the eyes of other globally recognized artists.

"They play the Pink Floyd sound and hits with chilling precision, and they play for a hell of a long time," Rolling Stone's Matt Diehl said of The Machine, and New York music magazine Spin editor Matthew Webber wrote, "The Machine don't look like Pink Floyd, but that doesn't matter - they sound just like Pink Floyd, and that counts.”

The Machine promise an even better visual and multimedia show spiced up with Czech musicians and will thus pay tribute not only to the Czech fans, but also to the founder of the band, Joe Pscarello, who died last year.


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Th 30.05.2024 20:00

Sono Centrum, Brno

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